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Tree Trunk Jamaica Candle, long lasting and unique ..
Jamaica Words and Proverbs
Explores colorful words and phrases of Jamaican everyday life and culture. It also includes a taste..
Fish Tea Mix
(Pack of 3) for the taste of real fish tea, can be used on its own or add to your pot of fish tea. ..
Black Strap Molasses
Black Strap Molasses (200 ml) ..
Grace Instant Porridge (Green Banana)
3 packs of Grace Instant Green Banana Porridge captures all the flavour and goodness of home-made..
Jamaica Parish Scenery Clock - clock in the shape of Jamaica, with parishes and some island scene..
Anancy & Friends by Beulah Richmond
Anancy & Friends: A grandmother's anancy storied for her grand children. 70 pages. This colle..
Jamaica Map Beach Towel
1 Jamaica Map Towel, authentic product size: 30 in x 60 in. perfect souvenir, excellent as a gift..
Benjamins Healing Oil - This oil based liniment is used to relieve minor aches and pains from mus..
Ladies Jamaican Maxi Dress
Ladies Rasta Jamaican Maxi Dress - cotton, Prefect for your Jamaican get-together - ONE SIZE FITS..
Jamaica Country Bus Key Ring
Jamaica Country Bus Key Ring, in the shape of the island of Jamaica. Made from wood, with attached m..
Inna Mi Heart: Jamaican Love Poetry
Inna Mi Heart: Jamaican Love Poetry for Every Reason and Season by Joan Andrea Hutchinson, 59 tra..
Reggae Shorts Bikini, Jamaican bath suit, made by hand from crochet. red, green and yellow. Regul..
Jamaica Savings Pan
Jamaica Savings Pan -  every mickle mek a muckle.  My Jamaican Savings Pan - one one co..
Jamaican handmade Coconut Bag,very sturdy and durable, approximately 8 inches by 12 inches. made ..
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