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Items that we had used during childhood to aid with the healing process. Kananga Water, Florida Water and Bay Rum

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Benjamin Mineral Oil
Benjamin Mineral Oil - acts as an effective lubricant and mild laxative. It is useful in the trea..
Benjamins Essence Of Peppermint
Benjamins Essence Of Peppermint - used to relieve gastric and intestinal flatulence (gas) and the..
Benjamin  Castor Oil 60 ml
Benjamin Castor Oil - a strong laxative obtained from natural sources and used for many generatio..
Benjamin  Eucalyptus Oil
Benjamin Eucalyptus Oil Provides natural and effective relief from chest discomfort caused by col..
RID Medicated Cream - for the use in the treatment of Lice & Scabies infections. (External Us..
Benjamins Honey Time
Benjamins Honey Time - Honey, Rum & Lime - an effective Jamaican Home remedy in a tasty honey..
Benjamin Kananga Water- a well-known mystical fragrance for use while bathing and for the relief ..
Benjamins Bay Rum (pimento)
Benjamins Bay Rum - a refreshing all-purpose lotion used as a splash-on for a cool stimulating fe..
Benjamin Olive Oil
Benjamin Olive Oil. A pure extra-virgin Olive Oil that is a mother's first choice to soften and s..
Benjamins Healing Oil - This oil based liniment is used to relieve minor aches and pains from mus..
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