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WALLENFORD Blue Mountain Coffee Candle
For over 200 years, the misty Blue Mountains of Jamaica have yielded the world’s finest coffee...
Island Botanticals Almond Scrub Soap
Island Botanical Almond Scrub Soap, handmade soaps with moisturizing ingredients such as African ..
Jamaican Aroma Body Oils
  Available in 3 fragrances:  - LOVE, Sweet Jamaica, and Tranquility Love Aroma..
Essential Oil Diffuser Blends
Essential Oil Blend for diffuser, availabe in three (3) fragrances Essential Oil Diffuser..
Island Botanticals SUGAR MILL Soap
Island Botanical SUGAR MILL Soap, all natural handmade soaps with moisturizing ingredients such a..
Jamaican Castor oil and Honey Soap
JAMAICAN CASTOR OIL & HONEY SOAP 4oz is great for cleansing and moisturizing -  this all..
Jamaica Rum Spiced Soap
JAMAICA RUM SPICED SOAP - This handmade soap made with Old Jamaican Rum and Molasses makes a memo..
Island Botanticals RIVER APPLE Soap
Island Botanical RIVER APPLE Soap, all natural handmade soaps with moisturizing ingredients such ..
Caribbean Bath Salt
Love's blend of West Indian Patchouli and tuberose is perfect to instill feelings of love and pas..
Jamaican coffee beans Soap - handmade with pure vegetable oil soap infused with Jamaica's own fam..
Jamaican TRAVEL candle
The Love Candle is a blend of West Indian Patchouli and tuberose. 6 oz ..
Hemp Seed Soap
handmade soap containing hemp oil which is a natural emollient, aloe vera, a natural soother, coc..
Almond & Molasses Soap
Plantation Soapworks Almond & Molasses Handmade Soap - made with coconut oil, olive oil, coco..
Tree Trunk Jamaica Candle, long lasting and unique ..
Cucumber and Aloe handmade soap
Cucumber and Aloe handmade soap. handmade, contains natural elements that are good for your skin,..
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