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Home Choice Guava Cheese is a truly delicious fruit bar made from real guava, This fruit bar can ..
Eaton's West Indian Guava Jam
Bring the West Indies to your table with Eaton..
BOBBIE CHOCOLATE COVERED PEANUT (50 balls), not a Jamaican product, but loved by many Jamaicans. ..
Rum Fudge
A taste of the island Rum Fudge comes in FIVE flavors (chocolate, chocolate nut, Blue mountain coff..
Goshen Otaheite Apple Jam
Goshen Otaheite Apple Jam - Try something new, Made in Jamaica, 12 oz ..
Rum Fudge
comes in 5 flavors (chocolate, chocolate nut, Blue mountain coffee, Blue Mountain coffee nut and pin..
Sweet Treats Combo
This Combo includes: 6 bars CATCH CHOCOLATE 1 bag BOBBIE PEANUT CHOCOLATE 5 b..
Seedless Rum Tamarind Balls
A taste of the island Seedless Rum Tamarind Balls. Tamarind balls with the seeds removed and soaked ..
Juliana Guava Jelly
Juliana Guava Jelly is made from Jamaican guava which is an excellent source of vitamins C. Guava J..
A taste of the Island June Plum Jelly
A taste of the Island June Plum Jelly made from real june plums, cane syrup and pectin. For that ..
Busha Browne's Twice Boiled Guava Jelly
Twice-boiled Guava Jelly is an unusual, rich and smooth flavourful spread. It is excellent in com..
Linstead Market Jamaica Sorrel Jam
Linstead Market Jamaica Sorrel Jam in this form sorrel is available all year long. BIGGER SIZE (12 o..
Linstead Market Pineapple Coconut Jam
Linstead Market Jamaica Pineapple Coconut Jam is a masterpiece with a tasty balance of pineapple ..
Linstead Market Jamaica Guava Pineapple Jam
The delicately sweet taste of Guava, with the seduction of Jamaican Pineapples will have you spreadi..
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