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Big Bamboo Irish Moss Drink (peanut)
made from authentic Irish Moss, rich in nutrients and provides nourishment (10 oz).  It's a ..
Chicken Noodle
Homemade taste in a convenient package! Grace Chicken Flavoured Noodle Soup makes a quick meal - gre..
Honey Bun Spice Bun
Honey Bun Spice Bun - another Jamaican favourite buns. Less fruits than the traditional Easter Bun, ..
Reggae Max Jamaica Fruit Cake
Reggae Max Jamaican Fruit Cake - real Jamaican fruit cake. A favorite of all. Your slice of the T..
Busha Browne's Lime Pepper Jelly
Busha Browne Lime Pepper Jelly - a spicy-sweet condiment based on the famous hot and flavourful J..
Jamaican Saltfish Fritters Mix (stamp and Go)
Jamaican Saltfish fritters Mix (130g) just add water and fry. For added flavour, add diced tomato..
Assorted Teas in Keepsake Tin
Need a gift for the Tea Lover?  This assorted teas in Keepsake Tin is ideal fo the Tea Lover..
Eaton's Jamaican Jerk Seasoning
Eaton’s Jamaican Jerk Seasoning  - Made with a blend of scallion, hot peppers, thyme, garl..
Roma Cocoa
ROMA COCOA - Roma Cocoa is a chocolate powder that's perfect for making a hot cup of chocolate mi..
Black Strap Molasses
Black Strap Molasses (200 ml) ..
Jamaican Pimento seeds (allspice)
Pimento seeds(berries) is one of the main component in Jerk Seasoning, also called allspice becau..
A taste of the Island June Plum Jelly
A taste of the Island June Plum Jelly made from real june plums, cane syrup and pectin. For that ..
Jamaican Paradise Plum (1 pound or 12 packs)
Paradise Plum sweeties (hard candy), a Jamaican's favorite sweetie, a sweet and sour delight!! 12..
MANDINGO Roots Tonic Wine
MANDINGO Roots Tonic Wine is undeniably smooth on its own which sets it apart from other roots to..
Caribbean Dreams Cinnamon Mint Diabetics Tea
Caribbean Dreams Cinnamon Mint Diabetics Tea naturally sweetned with STevia, 20 tea bags, MADE IN..
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