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Walkerswood Traditional Jamaican Jerk Seasoning
Walkerswood Traditional Jamaican Jerk Seasoning - A combination of scallions, hot peppers and aro..
Caribbean Dreams Ginger Tea - Herbal Tea
Ginger has an unique spicy flavour and taste which sets it apart from many other herbal drinks. I..
Black Strap Molasses
Black Strap Molasses (200 ml) ..
Jamaican Pimento seeds (allspice)
Pimento seeds(berries) is one of the main component in Jerk Seasoning, also called allspice becau..
A taste of the Island June Plum Jelly
A taste of the Island June Plum Jelly made from real june plums, cane syrup and pectin. For that ..
Jamaican Ginger Log (100 pieces)
Jamaican Ginger Log, hard candy, 100 pieces, individually wrapped. Remember the good ol' days of bu..
Juliana Authentic Jamaican Yellow Yam Slices
Yam slices can be served with prepared meats or meat substitute, accompanied by a healthy vegetab..
Walkerswood Sorrel Chutney
Walkerswood Sorrel Chutney - perfect with roast meats. made with Jamaican sorrel and blended with..
West Indian Mango Chutney
Eatons West Indian Mango Chutney - all spicy and all-natural! The ingredients include mangoes, su..
Island Spice Jamaican Curry Powder
dried curry seasoning used to flavour all your curry dishes, meats, vegetables, or seafood (170 g..
Caribbean Dreams Instant Ginger Tea -(sweetened)
made solely from freshly crushed ginger root to obtain a concentrated juice. Makes a delightful d..
JamGuy Crushed Pepper Sauce  (3 bottles)
JamGuy Crushed Pepper Sauce appeals to persons who enjoy a lot of spice in their meal. 5 oz. - 3 bo..
Country Traders 100%  Blue Mountain Coffee (2 oz)
2 oz Country Traders 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee (medium roasted and ground) is roasted an..
Jamaica Joe Genuine Jerk Seasoning
Jamaica Joe Genuine Jerk Seasoning - the soul food of Jamaica! a traditional marinade for grillin..
NEL'S OLD TIME Jerk Sauce (3 bottles)
Nel's Old Time Jerk Sauce (3 bottles) - a table sauce which is great on vegetable, fish, poultry ..
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