Our offering of Jamaican Solomon Gundy, Pepper Jelly, Shrimp Chutney. Items from Busha Browne, one of our leading manufacturers as well as Home Choice.
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Busha Browne's Ginger Pepper Jelly
Ginger Pepper Jelly is perfect with all meats, hot or cold, and excels when mixed with cream chee..
Walkerswood Solomon Gundy
Walkerswood Solomon Gundy - A Jamaican specialty made from a blend of smoked herring, hot peppers..
Juliana Mango Chutney
Juliana Mango Chutney is a completely natural condiment made from Jamaican green mangoes, peppers..
Eaton's West Indian Mango Jam
Made with only the finest Jamaican ripe mangoes, Eaton..
JULIANA Authentic Jamaican Solomon Gundy
JULIANA Authentic Jamaican Solomon Gundy - 10 oz of Jamaican goodness! enjoy it with crackers or ..
Eaton's West Indian Papaya Chutney
People enjoy it on crackers with cheese or as a condiment for meat and curry dishes. This totally na..
Walkerswood Spicy Sorrel Chutney
EXCITE YOUR TASTE BUD with SORREL CHUTNEY - made from the petals of the exotic Sorrel plant and b..
West Indian Mango Chutney
Eatons West Indian Mango Chutney - all spicy and all-natural! The ingredients include mangoes, su..
A taste of the Caribbean Spicy Sorrel Chutney
A taste of the Caribbean Spicy Sorrel Chutney - perfect with roast meats. made with Jamaican sorr..
Busha Browne's Banana Chutney
made from real Jamaican bananas. Delicious served with Indian curries or cold meats; used as a to..
PEPPER SHRIMP CHUTNEY is a unique blend of dried shrimp, herbs and spices made especially for you, t..
Mr. Lee's Solomon Gundy
Mr. Lee's Solomon Gundy - made from real smoked red herring. Mr. Lee's has been in operations fro..
Busha Browne's Lime Pepper Jelly
Busha Browne Lime Pepper Jelly - a spicy-sweet condiment based on the famous hot and flavourful J..
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