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Jamaican themed books on our culture, language and history. The selection includes Jamaican books for children, books with poems and erotic stories as well as Jamaican cookbooks.

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Jamaican History
Information about Jamaican heritage and history are at the tip of your fingertips. The dictionary f..
Prayers For School Days
This book is geared for children between three and eight years, it exposes children to the core Chri..
Tour Jamaica by Margaret Morris
Tour Jamaica by Margaret Morris is an indispensable guide for those travellers who want to discov..
Bob Marley:  Reggae King of the World
This book pays tribute to reggae superstar Bob Marley, the man who brought Jamaican music to the ..
Jamaica Words and Proverbs
Explores colorful words and phrases of Jamaican everyday life and culture. It also includes a taste..
Inner City Girl by Colleen Smith-Dennis
Martina does the unthinkable: a poor girl from the inner-city gains entry into one of the most prest..
The Real Taste of Jamaica
Cooking Jamaican foods has never been this easy. Enid Donaldson’s popular cookbook is comp..
Reggae Island
Reggae Island: Jamaican Music in the Digital Age. over 50 reggae artists and producers like Buju ..
Jamaican Herbs and Medicinal Plants and their uses
A quick peek  into traditional ‘bush’ medicine, the ways Jamaicans have ‘identified’..
Jamaican Witchcraft: The Reluctant Obeah Man and Other Stories is a collection of stories centred on..
Anancy & Friends by Beulah Richmond
Anancy & Friends: A grandmother's anancy storied for her grand children. 70 pages. This colle..
The official dancehall dictionary
The official dancehall dictionary : a guide to Jamaican dialect and dancehall slang . This dictiona..
Erotic Jamaican Tales (Paperback)
This book is a collection of short erotic stories with a distinct Jamaican flavor.The stories will m..
PUSS FOOD and other Jamaican Stories
Puss Food and Other Jamaican Stories is an eclectic and charming collection of fictional short tales..
Merry Jamaican Christmas
"Merry Jamaican Christmas" is a picture book that captures the magic and excitement of Christmas in ..
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